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Fitting a non-contact points system to a SAAB 96 V4

This article was kindly sent in by Steve Bodiley.

Contents of Aldon Kit   The system I purchased was the 1847V kit from Aldon. The picture shows the kit contents (includes instructions).

Checking resistance   The first instruction was to ensure that the coil resistance was over 1.5 ohms. This was measured with the coil disconnected using a multimeter. Mine measured 3 ohms -so was acceptable.

Removal Complete   Next the distributor cap was removed and the rotor arm pulled off. The points were disconnected and also removed.

Arrow showing which corner had to be filed   Next the adapter plate was fitted. I found it was necessary to file off the top corner of the plate shown below, to stop it fouling on part of the distributor. Only the smallest amount of filing was required.

Distributor with plate and magnet fitted   Once the adapter was installed then the magnetic ring was fitted. This was just a push fit on the distributor part. As recommended by the instructions the position of each magnet was marked (I used Tipex).

Fitting Complete   The sensor plate was now screwed onto the adapter plate using the 2 nuts provided. I found it wasn't necessary to use the additional spacer plate to align the magnet and sensor.

The clear plastic strip shown in the photograph below was the feeler gauge used to set the magnet and sensors the right distance apart.

Temporary test setup   The distributor was now rebuilt using the old rotor arm and cap.

The engine was turned to top dead centre on cylinder number one and the distributor turned so that the middle of the sensor was aligned with one of the white dots. In my case no distributor adjustment was necessary.

To make the electrical connections the red lead was connected to the positive on the coil and the black to the negative on the coil. The leads provided were not long enough in my case so extensions were required. The photograph below shows the final assembly using temporary wires to test things out. Note that the condensor can be discarded.

The engine started first time but in my case the timing had retarded to about 16 behind TDC. This was reset using a strobe and adjusting the distributor.

Finally the wiring was tidied up and made watertight.

That's it. Bye Bye points !

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