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James Ayres (UK) 1975 In James' own words... I bought the car from an old lady who had kept the car for 22-23 years in her garage without using it.  Before that she had driven it for about 5 years.  She bought it from a Saab dealership who had used it for less than a year as a demo model.  It's a 1975 25th anniversary model (no 32 of 300 produced says a sign on the dash).  Although it was a little rough looking from it's time in storage I knew I was on to a good thing, with only 50k on the clock and body work in excellent condition.  Some welding underneath, new ss exhaust, brake hoses, shoes and cylinders and a tune up and I now have a car that I love to use everyday, it puts a smile on my face and gets so many comments from passers-by!  I am trying to keep it original, although I have just fitted electronic ignition, everything else is as intended.  Please note the hubcaps as I only have three and I am hoping a fourth will turn up.  At present I have a set of the more common smaller types - Can anyone help?

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