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John Snep
John_Snep@hetnet.nl 1968 In his own words ...
It's a 96 from 1968 with some changes. Last year in the Ten Country rally through the east of Europe I found out that the original frontbrakes where not as good as we thought. Falling of a mountain the brakespads hardened (probably not the right word ) out, so it didn't brake at all !!. (nasty feeling!). So before we started on the Corsica Rally in 2001 I've replaced them for other callipers with Ferodo racing 3000 pads and ventilated discs. It all worked out very well, but a bit noisy when the are hot. At home again I heard that I had to mount certain spings on the callipers, which I was forgotten to do when building. ( can happen to everybody).
Beside the interior, as you can see, I only made some minor ajustments and changes under the bonnet; I took out the original radiator and removed the mecanical fan. I replaced them for a big volvo (sorry) diesel radiator and an electric fan. New aluminium tanks for cooling and windowwashfluids where made and mounted at the left innerwheelcover.
Another thing I have rebuild was the connection between the gearbox and the gearlever on the steeringcollumn. To get rid of the play removed the original crossconnections and used those from a Suzuki steeringunit, with bearings. It works great and changing gears is now very precise. In spite of all those changes, we had to give up last rally on Corsica after four days at number one! Probably a worn rightwheelbearing.

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