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 Fuel tank clean out
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Posted - 06 Aug 2011 :  21:31:06 Show Profile Reply with Quote
Bit the bullet and removed the stroker fuel tank (been having troubles with the fuel pump clogging up with rust particles. If any one tells you that you can clean the tank out with a small cut hole of around 5-6'' Don't believe it. The following pictures will show the internal workings of the tank. I would have thought that the V4 tank is the same. The pictures show a fairly clean tank because I forgot to take shots before...sorry

Inside, the fuel pipe termination is inside a little metal box. This receptical fills up with crud (the feed pipe is only 2mm from the base).

You have to prise back the top of this receptical

Due to the bulkhead inside the tank (approx 1/3rd along) a rather large hole had to be cut to allow the grit blaster access to both chambers.

Tools of the trade that I needed included -
Welding equipment, angle grinder, hair dryer, Sealey SB993 Shot blasting kit, Hammerite de-rust gel (bit like Naval Jelly but snot green) and various bits and bobs.

I shot blasted the sucker and then brushed on the Hammerite gel. I had nearly 50 years of crud inside. The car had been standing for nearly 30 years which didn't help matters.

I found out what Saab called the special mixing device fitted inside the tank to help with the oil mixing...

A diagonal half-round piece of metal welded to the side wall and filler pipe. This pipe thingie was sealed at the top and open at the bottom...very technical (special mixing device my ar$3) The breather pipe can just be seen exiting at the top of the tank.

Hammerite green snot doing it's thing.

A good wash through and a long blast with a hair dryer. I WD40'd the internal joints to expell any left over water. Cleared fumes and welded a plate on the top. Air tested the tank to look for leaks (soapy water solution, seal off the feed connection and filler pipe - attach rubber hose and blow whilst painting soap solution all over the joints).

Soon to have the old girl back on the road.

Reassemble in reverse order

Some pics of tank internals for any one who is interested to follow -

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Posted - 06 Aug 2011 :  21:40:25 Show Profile Reply with Quote
Oops two pics of the stroker...sorry

I've probably duplicated some...oh well you get the picture.
If you have to do your tank...good luck but I would advise that you take the trouble to do it thoroughly as I kind of rushed it first time and didn't grit blast the tank resulting in plenty of them there little rust critters in the system, so out it came again.
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john wyatt
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 06 Aug 2011 :  23:51:56 Show Profile Reply with Quote
Great post, sure most 96 owners can relate to it in some way!
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Posted - 07 Aug 2011 :  06:39:25 Show Profile Reply with Quote
If you had of seen that tank 1st time around..i spent days cleaning it had about 20 liters of 30 year old fuel and 2 stroke oil in it and i couldn't get the smell out of the workshop for about a week...makes me shudder thinking about it.
At first i cleaned it with hot water..then when it was dry i shook it for ages with a load of bolts in it.
That little box could be seen from with a length of stiff wire and a good torch i scraped it and opened up the holes. What I should have done is what you did Steve.
Good work there...she's looking splendid.

current V4 models..'72 95 (The Flying Banana),'72 96 (Bridget),'74 95 (Veronica),'74 96 (The Brown one)NOW SOLD..destined for greater things
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