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10/07/2006   FMA861K , Ian Duncan's vehicle has now passed into our hands, from 2/7/06. Already christened 'Gracie' by my wife Doreen, this special 96 has covered 10,000 miles now, and will come out to play for SOC and UKSaabs meetings and shows for the remained of the year. Chris Ivory aka Zaphod SOC Bristol Area Rep./go-between   Chris Ivory  
08/07/2006   Buying a Saab Sonnet (1972) and doing a little homework.   Dave Fagan  
04/07/2006   What a nice site, have recently bought sonett from 1974 so I will need some tips and tricks further on...   Jonas  
03/07/2006   Keep up the good work   Laura  
01/07/2006   AGIAN I MISS MY SONNET   Linda Nolte  
01/07/2006   I MIS MY SAAB   Linda Nolte  
01/07/2006   I MIS MY SAAB   Linda Nolte  
17/06/2006   The Site is excellent..!! Wish you all the best..  
12/06/2006   looking to buy a 70's 96 sedan.   brian gilmore  
08/06/2006   Trying to contact John Wood. last saw him the weekend of his wedding. We used to rally 96's together in the early seventies.   Paul Mayer  
06/06/2006   I am interested in a saab sonnet ii or iii. Any info please email me!   kc  
03/06/2006   Looking for photos of a 1975 Sonnet   Mike  
28/05/2006   yea! I'm like a kid going to a ball game with dad!! Excitement... just when I was thinking my brother and I were the only one's left with The SAAB 96 there is hope for our world..   suave96  
25/05/2006   Go Car! Hehe, just kidding. I really thought the site was nicely layed out.   Fredrick  
21/05/2006   please disregard my last mail, i am not looking any longer   stevo  
21/05/2006   please disregard my last mail, i am not looking any longer   stevo  
21/05/2006   im in the market for a new saab please feel free to mail me   stevo  
21/05/2006   cant beat a good saab   jon  
21/05/2006   great site   steve  
20/05/2006   I am restoring a 72 sonnett. probalby will have questions as I go. thanks   john hutchison  
19/05/2006 SAAB 95 und SAAB 96 BREMSKLÖTZE !!!ORIGINAL!!! SAAB 9-3 Sport Cabrio 1:72 SAAB 50 JAHRE PIN !!!EINZELSTÜCKE!!! SAAB 99 1969-1974 Bremsklötze vorne !!!!ORIGINAL!!!!   perfektdealer  
11/05/2006   great   stanley artley  
08/05/2006   hI I HAVE A SAAB 96 1961 YEARS OF MODEL and i would need the main brake cylinder for this car, can you be any help to me.   marre  
29/04/2006   Hi I am working on a 1969 saab 96, I am in need of a belly pan and other front end structoral parts and suspension parts as well as engine and body parts please help if possible you can reach me at 816-232-1704 or 816-238-9353 or email me or send me a catalog if possible to 917 south 9th street saint joseph missouri 64503   thomas helton  
18/04/2006   I have a 1974 Sonnett III. This car needs a new clutch slave cylinder (preferably stainless steel). So far I have had little luck locating this part. Is there a resource you use for obtaining parts for your cars of this vintate? Thanks.   steve lauch  
18/04/2006   I had a 3 cylinder SAAB when no front wheel drive American Car was avaible. The design was unique and grabbing and enticing. I loved it.   Titus Mendell  
14/04/2006   I'm looking for a Saab Sonett III to buy.. Mail me..   dennis  
09/04/2006   I'm fortunate enough to say that I've owned and driven several of the classics, including the 2-stroke 96, two 95 wagons (70 and 72), a Sonet II, a 72 96 and then made my way up through the 99 Combi Coupe and a few of the 900 models. Oh...and I'm only 31 and live in the States. I swear I had the biggest collection of old Saabs in a 3-state area. Too bad they're all gone now, including the Sonet II. I'm doing everything I can to reconnect with some of my old cars. I'd probably donate a kidney for an old 95 wagon in good shape (with the crappy FoMoCo V4).   James Manuel  
05/04/2006   Saab rocks!   Mr. Isa Fibber  
04/04/2006   Need "Saab Sonett V4" hood emblem   Adleron  
22/03/2006   I was thinking of getting another auto. How are Saabs for getting into? I need something with high seats, because I have joint disease. Are these bad to get out of?   Gramps McFeely  
22/03/2006   My 1969 Sonnett has been in my garage since 1982. Body and interior immaculate. Chasis needs a bit of work. In process of stripping it down for restoration. If you need interior patterns for door, floor, or any other portions of interior fabric let me know an I'll try to get them for you. Will need a number of other parts , i.e., backer plates for rear brackes, etc. If there is a sound chasis with little or no rust will be interested in purchase rather than repair my existing noirtheast chasis.   Joseph Raggio  
21/03/2006   Great site - really informative and interesting. thanks!   Gary Bowden  
20/03/2006   I also have a 1968 Saab Sonett V4 and would like to know its worth. Also am interested in purchasing another Sonett V4 or Sonett III. my email is   Jim Minadeo  
15/03/2006   online directory main  
04/03/2006   I have a 1968 Saab Sonnett....body is sound, but needs paint and restoration of inter. What is this worth? A. as is and b. restored   John Ray  
04/03/2006   I have a 1968 Saab Sonnett....body is sound, but needs paint and restoration of inter. What is this worth? A. as is and b. restored   John Ray  
03/03/2006   Worthwhile site - long needed. Now I'm starting to regret selling my '92 Turbo last year. Maybe I need to get back to SAAB John   John  
25/02/2006   Excelent site and information, I´m from Uruguay South America and recently bought a V4 1967. When i measured the engine I found that it was 1,700 c.c. Is this right? Or it was necesary remanufactured? VIN 443591 engine 24439   Ricardo  
24/02/2006   Student loans, and student loan consolidation - Lock in the lowest rate with NextStudent. We also offer a scholarship search engine, private student loans and federal student loan applications.   Kelly  
23/02/2006   i have a factory glass rear window for a 69 sonnett that i stored away 20 years ago. any one looking to replace thier plexi or broken one?   bill snyder  
18/02/2006   I have a 74 Sonnett 3(wife sez Dustbuster 2) with a rusted out floorboard. Is there a reasonable fix other than $5-600 for a replacement? Already replaced the holed carbon steel gas line laying in the grooved floor with stainless. Not sure what to do about the detonator (battery) behind the fuel tk. at my back. The clutch cyl's are almost impossable to service.   keith williams  
15/02/2006   i have a 73 sonnet and am in need of a distributor advance vacuum...any suggestions on where to get saab parts, even after market productions...thanks all   matt  
10/02/2006   I live in Uganda. I admire the Saab 69 and would like to own one---I will be much obliged to anybody who can help me locate a serviceable one for purchase. Thanks   Paul Mugabi  
03/02/2006   Have a look at or add the site to your links   Gerard  
02/02/2006   I have a great 95 estate with a fab painting on the bonnet how do i get it on the site   Danny  
02/02/2006   Cory, I have two disembodied Sonett III headlights. Your spam filter, I believe, is preventing me from contacting you directly.   Randolph  
01/02/2006   Makes me nostalgic. Thanks.   Axel  
30/01/2006   i absolutly LOVE the saab 99 turbos (classic years)....i live in the united states but if anyone has an idea of where i could fine one please please notify me, thanks!   noelle  
28/01/2006   hey im lookin for a saab sonett III pop up lights thank you   cory  
13/01/2006   Help!!!does anybody got one reverse gear lamp reflector (that grey plastic part of the back light lamp unit) for my '71 green 96??? Alessandro from Italy . thanks!!!   alessandro  
04/01/2006   new to the V4 community Brian Morton (900 t conv..9000s)   BMorton  
24/12/2005   Fantastic site! Informative. Thanks   Richard Staines  
17/12/2005   need an engine or crank for 1966 model 96 3 cylinder. from Chicago, IL   Bernie Sebok  
13/12/2005   I found your site via the Classic car mag which I picked up in my local store. Ive had a look around here and I have to say its rekindled my interest in the 95 /96 model. I actually ran a 1970 95 for 15 years but it was some 20 years old when it arrived to live with us, indeed my kids were very young when it arrived but were teenagers when I had to scrap it. It had a perfectly servicable and very quiet engine uponm its demise but the body was rather dropping of it. It was like losing my left arm (and Im left handed),and even now some 15 years on I often think about the old girl. I do intend to eventually get another but now I know where to look. Cheers.   Steve Atkinson  
06/12/2005   great site   bill henderson  
02/12/2005   looking for a 1966 saab, 96, 3 cylinder, 55hp, oil injected (engine) or a sonette of the same year.........   E. A. Schwarz  
28/11/2005   is there anyone who can help me find either mark II,mark III or v4 sonett,i am based in england and would travel the continent for a roadworthy driveable vehicle.would consider project vehicle closer to home,any condition. anyone with any hints pleeeeeze contact me.   jalani  
13/11/2005   Hi was serfing net and found your site...Thanks! it is really great! i have bookmarked it! will return often!   ouks  
07/11/2005   love your page wish there was more interest in these great little cars in australia I have a 96 v4 /1967model very hard to get bits in australia we have no taste in cars as a nation I also own a LT15 citreon traction another great classic oh well better go keep up the good work   matthew bateman  
04/11/2005   Great site, nice design! what it is all about?   Ibragim73  
03/11/2005   quisierea tener mayor informacion sobre saab v4 modelo 95 año 1971, modificaciones del sistema de amortiguacion del tren trasero, como aumentar la potencia de mi motor, tengo un 1500 cc gracias   andres  
29/10/2005   Greate site. Thank you :)   James  
24/10/2005   Hello....looking for info on the noise levelof the Jetex exhaust for a 1971 96 any help would be appreciated... thanks   Gary  
17/10/2005   i have an H reg saab 900 turbo, i would like to get it restored. Do you know of anywhere i can get this done? i live in west london. Thanks Susie Charrington   susie charrington  
13/10/2005   I want to purchase a body kit for a 1995 saab 900 se but i want a rally body kit where the wheel wells stick out ive seen them on saabs in pictures so i know they exist its just so damn hard to find anything for a saab...i dont have an e-mail so just respond here or call Ben at 4079028 p.s. coming from minnesota   If anyone knows where i can find a rally body kit for a 1995 saab 900 SE  
02/10/2005   Just to say thanks for the creation of this web page, finally I know that someone else in the world still have their Saab's running like mine, from Quito-Ecuador South America. Fausto   Fausto Cornejo  
30/09/2005   I am now the owner of a '70 Sonnet II. It has sat in the woods from 1976 until now,some months after the death of its owner,a longtime Saab mechanic.I am going to get paperwork for it & put it up for sale.   V.Gerardi  
23/09/2005   interesting site, passed my driving test in an old 96, have had saabs ever since, on the look for another, retoration or in good condition.keep up the good work. there too nice to dissapear, perry, saab driver for 30 yrs   perry smith  
19/09/2005   I am a proud owner of saab sonnet II V4 1969.... Now I understand how special "he" is and dreaming about his older brother saab Sonnet I   Ronen Adler  
17/09/2005   Please pass this on to anyone who might want to buy a 1969 SAAB. Partially restored 1969 SAAB "96" Coupe. V4 (gets 30+ mpg) 4-speed Front wheel drive Rebuilt engine, 1700cc, balanced with hot cam aluminum intake manifold Webber downdraft carb Rebuilt transmission A clean, totally restorable classic. Asking $2020 OBO Car located in Santa Clara, CA   bill withington  
14/09/2005   I owned a 67, saab 97. It was a fun and unique car. I only wished I had owned it now when I can afford to spend a few thousand here and there to make it...perfect!   Dan Moreton  
13/09/2005   Desperately seeking Sonett II   jordan kaplan  
07/09/2005   i have an old saab, it is a 96v4 bout im not shure what year it is. I would like to find out more aboute it bot not sure were to look. any info would be great. thank you   Patrick  
07/09/2005   hi there, i want to make sure what kind of the gasoline saab 96 use. do any one can tell me or mail to me , many thanks. by the way, what is the ?? KM/L for every car.   su  
07/09/2005   for a while I owned a 1967 V-4 with real sunroof. I just want to now how special it was ?   sten-åke larsson  
01/09/2005   Hi there, just like to say great site been extremely useful for parts for me 1973 96 hope it keeps up xxx   Gill  
25/08/2005   Great to see so many cherished 96's. I'm having trouble proving to DVLC that mine is a late '72 model and should be tax free. I got the information regarding chassis numbers from Miss Loverseed in the Saab Owners magazine, but the info has to be presented officially ie not from a magazine article. Any ideas?   Gregor Ross  
25/08/2005   Great to see so many cherished 96's! I'm having trouble   Gregor Ross  
25/08/2005   i would not return to the page with the topic you read before,butiwill probably return to the topic i posted a comment to. More comments means more visits and it keeps the blog dynamic. After all blogs are not for authors only   ABlisska  
27/07/2005   I luv SAAB.   Jenny  
27/07/2005   I'm the original owner of a 1969 Saab Sonnet V4. Took it off the road in 82 and finally getting back to restoring it. Keping it in the garage all these years paid off. Got to do some chasis work and rebuild the break system but for all intent and purpose its much like it came from the show room. Great car to work on. Will get some pictures eventually.   Joseph Raggio  
24/07/2005   Thank you for your site. If you hapen to pass by Oporto let me know ! >C<   Carlos Ribas Monteiro  
23/07/2005   I have a 1969 Saab Wagon 95. I am having fun with it. The only problem is it takes quite awhile to get anything fixed on it.   Barbara Sprinkel  
22/07/2005   I have a few V-4 parts. A new rear package shelf, a new dashboard cover and an old shop manual. I would be happy to give them away as long as it does not cost me any shipping and packaging charges. I tried the San Diego Club, but they have not answered my email.   Bill Hillbrant  
19/07/2005   As a proud owner of an orange SAAB 96 V4 from 1974, I have built a website (in Dutch and English) to share my enthusiasm with other SAAB enthusiasts. If you are interested, take a look at Kind regards, Arthur (The Netherlands)   Arthur  
08/07/2005   hi,i m from france,sorry for my english speaking!i have 5 saab 96,1961,1963,1966,1969and 1978!i have big problems to restore 2 strokes engines!to find saab 96 parts in france is almost impossible!nice site and very very nice saab!!!!i and most of french people are realy realy sad about what happened yesterday in london!   pierre icard  
26/06/2005   Hi, I am from czech republice. I have saab 96 1970 and I will else saaba 96 1976-78 or saab 92b or saab 96 monte carlo . I ain't dealer bath I am people which have like saab 8o) ...Such that buy those saab's deem am ride ... Thank you anr ride me .... email: or ... Nice day   Vitek  
16/06/2005   I once owned a 1969 Saab 96, and regret selling it, (what can I say...I was young and dumb). If anyone knows of anyone selling one in the US, please email me. Thank you. Hellen   Hellen  
11/06/2005   I have a 69 Saab Sonett II V4 for sale, please check:   H. Ekhardt  
11/06/2005   I have a 69 Saab Sonett II V4 for sale, please check:   H. Ekhardt  
08/06/2005   I have a '67 Saab 96, 2-door sedan for sale, could you guide me as to where to go to sell it?   Christine Padgett  
02/06/2005   Looking for Saabs, Volvos & Borgwards   Art Sporleder  
25/05/2005   Nice site   doGSOP  
23/05/2005   lovelly site loking for cars for sale to buy   ole  
21/05/2005   You're welcom to visit my site (in Dutch):   Coolen  
20/05/2005   1st time here, thanks   Chris Corse St. Louis, MO  
17/05/2005   I really enjoyed viewing your site. Unfortunately, we do not have a 96, but when our son cmae of driving age three and a half years ago we bought him a 1991 900 3-door hatchback. I liked the idea of the air bag and ABS. The car just turned 160,000 miles and is still really tight and solid. Thanks again from Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA.   Steve Masten  
17/05/2005   Bernie  
12/05/2005   Great Cars :)   Richard Head  
05/05/2005   I have saab that I am fixing up so that when I am old enough to drive I will have a good car   Taylor  
26/04/2005   I have purchased a 1972 SAAB 96 complete with a spare engine. It is in good shape and my son and I have disassembled the doors, hood , interiour, trunk, seats, etc. We want to restore it and were hoping someone could tell us the critical area we need to examine for deterioration and rust. I was also thinking of selling it out for parts and then buying a similar car already restored. We are located in central New York, USA   Rich Settembre  
23/04/2005   I bought my sonnet in 1969, took it off the road in 1982. It sat in my garage until this spring when I decided to get it back on the road. Some rocker panel work is needed, but still have most of the original parts, (including bronze joints in the steering system). Stiff ride around town but smooths out at 85 mph. Would be interested in knowing who many original Sonnett owners are out there. Enjoy reading the comments on this sight. Thanks for the treat.   Joseph Raggio  
12/04/2005   I have 4 blue wheel centers for sale,   tim connell  
05/04/2005   It is lovely and wonderful gallery that posted out, greatcars   Francis Lee  
03/04/2005   Nice ride!   George Washington  
02/04/2005   great cars   david  
31/03/2005   nice site   Ernest  
31/03/2005   Nice site  
31/03/2005   Enjoyed your site!   Erik  
29/03/2005   I had a 1971 Saab 96 that still remains my favorite vehicle to date. Even though I currently have a 2004 9-3 Aero, the quirkiness of the various features of the 96 are still remembered fondly...freewheeling...4 speed on the column...built-in wastebasket...fold down rear seats so it doubled as a camper!!   Bob Loso  
29/03/2005   Have 1968 Sonnet car manual for sale.   Bob Stanton  
29/03/2005   I had a friend who had one and it was quite expensive to run - it was a covertable and made the kids feel car sick in the back with the roof up!!   John  
27/03/2005   I really enjoyed the saabs. Nice site.   Luc Q. Cious  
26/03/2005   very nice site.   Hankey  
25/03/2005   great site, great cars   stemic smith  
23/03/2005   Hi, just wanted to thank you guys for getting such an informative site. Excelent graphic designed and easy to navigate. Your site is indeed wonderful and i bookmarked it. I have found some of the information here helpful.There are too little good sites. Your site is very good. Thank you for the opportunity to sign your guest book. I will recommend and come back. Ps Thanks ;)   c neddy  
22/03/2005   I love saabs also and this is a very nice site you have here   Marqus  
22/03/2005   Love Saabs..I own two of them!   Hugh Jass  
21/03/2005   Nice site   Mickey  
18/03/2005   nice site   Mickey  
18/03/2005   Nice site. Thx.   Mel  
16/03/2005   thanks for the invite. kewl stuff here   trevor conduit  
15/03/2005   I have been using this forum for some time and just want to tell you all that it's great that it exists!!   Max  
14/03/2005   I have always loved the lines of the Sonnet. If I can ever convince my wife to buy a car as old, oh... as young as she is, I would buy one in an instant. Thanks, Chris De Jesus   Chris De Jesus  
12/03/2005   Nice site   Cheesn Onion  
12/03/2005   Saabs just get me so switched on.   Keith  
11/03/2005   Great site!   Tom Johnson  
11/03/2005   nice site  
11/03/2005   nice site mugu guymen keep off   L Willy rynerson  
03/03/2005   Sorry to say I was just checking up on a very sad find I made today - all that was discernable was a single "saab" side logo, a headlight surround and a V4 lump. The rest of the car (besides a front bumper which was surprisingly straight) had rotted into the ground but only after it had been burnt out from the bulkhead back. So really I was just satisfying my curiosity as to what it had once been. Great shame! (Goes to show that car crime is nothing new!) Cheers Kev W, ps great site.   Kev Wyatt  
07/02/2005   Great site which is much appreciated! After a year or so of thinking about it, I'm now looking forward to taking delivery of a UK 1975 anniversary model 96 here in Australia. I expect to be visiting often for more info. Cheers!   Sean Magee  
31/01/2005   Hi, i have a 1971 1709 and I'm looking for a replacement drivers side door for it. Doesnt have to be perfect but simply not too rusty. Can anyone help? Also - does anyone have another 1971 99 for sale or know of one. Cheers!   Dave Wilkinson  
17/01/2005   does anyone know of my mother's green 96 reg jdb 637n   david lister  
13/01/2005   Looking for driveable sonett v4.   Jaroslav Dado  
12/01/2005   Just stopping in to see whats new!   Mike  
10/01/2005   Have Saab sonett v4 1971 in Island i drive him in somertime, in very good shap ??????for sale   Thorvaldur Stefánsson  
19/12/2004   Have 1966 SD Saab for sale in Central Montana. Not licenses since 78 but run a couple times since then.   JOe Ashcraft  
15/12/2004   I just bought a Saab Sonett V4 for rallys. Located in Idaho Falls, Idaho USA. I am interested in knowning how many are still out there in running order. Is there someone in the UK who can service my car when I come over to rally?   Russ Hertzog  
11/12/2004   Looking for a way to part with my 95 wagon   Michael Valentino  
10/12/2004   Looking for 96 V4 - any condition, part finished project considered   Brian McCulloch  
28/11/2004   sorry Iam looking for the sonnet with a two stroke engine.   fred Langendorff  
28/11/2004   I am in need for an exhaust system Saab Sonnet III 1973. let me know . thanks   Langendorff Fred.  
17/11/2004   Looking for a great condition 1963 Saab 93 sport. Get back to me if you know of one for sale. Thanks   Scott Fonner  
11/11/2004   Where is the best place to sell my Saab Sonett II V4 1969 online? My Saab Sonett II V4 1969 is in red (original color), the whole car is kept original and in very good shap.   Lilly Ekhardt  
13/10/2004   Where is the nearest place to get replacement door mirror for 96v4, in south west london, I still have the stem from the old one, is it possible to just replace mirror/mirror holder? cheers   john s  
13/10/2004   Dear Eddie Skirrow, I use to NGK's spark pulgs which is saab number 9117565 (BCPR6ES-II)for my 1979 96v4. But I'm not sure for champion and bosch, sorry.   Kwang Choi  
12/10/2004   Great site and cool pics. Can you help me with spark plugs for my 1974 96v4. Any info on champion or bosch part numbers would be greatly appreciated.   Eddie Skirrow.  
11/10/2004   Dear Saab Friends, Saab GL V4 (MY1979) won the Championship "1st Old Car Festival" on the yesterday. This festival was hosted by Samsung Transportation Museum and Carlife in Youngin Korea on 10. Oct . Korean Car 30 units and imported Car 40 units attended at this festival. The adjudicators praised the high standard of all the entries. My Saab GL V4 got the good point with original parts which is keep them in the car. This point is works to my advantage for Championship at this time. Clubsaab members and my face lit up with surprise and delight and really happy now!!! Specially, Clubsaab members great helped to this result with good counsel and hands to V4 before attend festival together. It's a decisive victory with combination. So I can't thank you enough to Clubsaab members. Clubsaab has frame that will endure for ever in Korea and world !!! (Please contact me if you need photo, I'll send you.)   Kwang Choi  
16/09/2004   Hello Saab-friends look at our new homepage: There are two Saab 900 in the internet - auction!   Sandro Willi  
14/09/2004   What a beautiful car GL V4 ! I'm member of Clubsaab in Korea and I'm great mania for Saab. I've imported this GL V4 from Sverige on this year. I've plan for attend to 1st Old-car festival in Korea on 10. Oct. As you may be aware, It's first car in Korea market. We called it as like "Red Tomato". Could you please put on your Gallery page if possible ? I hope so and please kindly contact me if you have any problem for this issue. Thank you in advance and have a great day ! Best regards, Kwang Choi   Kwang Choi  
03/09/2004   A friend asked me to research what a Sonnet II or III might be worth because he's found one he can pick up for very low price in very good condition next door to where he lives. As a professional mechanic, he thought he might be able to repair any problems and re-sell it for a significant profit, as he said they must be rare because for all the years he's worked in automotive repairs he's never seen one before this!   James Dyer  
28/08/2004   from across the pond. interested in making more power from my v-4   rick crawford  
27/08/2004   I'd be honored to be included in your visitors' links. I have a 1972 Saab 96... what a fun car! Please let me know if/how I can become a part of your saab-v4 website!   Kelly Elder  
15/08/2004   I have a 4-speed box to fit the later 2-strokes, bought new from a dealer in Christchurch, Dorset, when he shut down. It has never been used but has sat in my garage for nearly 20 years. If it of use to anyone will sell for a fair price, Would like it to be of use to an enthusiastic owner.   gerry duffett  
09/08/2004   I've been looking for information on old Saab wheels as I've just been fitted-up with a £140 tow truck bill by the Kent police. I had a trailer with wheels that looked like caravan wheels (big central hole and widely spaced studs) but caravan wheels don't fit! The police would not let me tow the trailer on to the grass verge saying it was illegal to drive with a punctured tyre. (I did have a powerful electric winch too, but it was obvious that they wanted their dosh). The invoices show £30+ VAT for the tow truck and £105 "statutory police charge" (for radioing the truck). Thanks a bunch! I didn't need and didn't want the tow truck. This country is getting more like Zimbabwe every day, but Faversham people are afraid to complain for obvious reasons.   David Benyon  
17/07/2004   Hi help Im desperate to find the two main bearings for a gear box rebuild. The box is almost rebuilt apart from those two puppies, does anyone know where I can get thses from cheers cassie   cassandra jones  
13/07/2004   Hello I have two Saab : 96 v4 1974 95 v4 1974 I must selling :(:(   Andrew from Warsaw/Poland  
06/07/2004   Hi Alec, how's it going? You're after a tax free 99? It's not great condition but it's about to get a brand new MOT: I have a 1972 99 which is being welded up and getting all new brakes to get an MOT so I can transfer the number off it and after that it will be surplus to my needs. It runs well enough. I'll be spending about 1500 quid on it but I expect to sell it for what it'll likely be worth - which won't be much - either that or I have it broken up and send the new bits out here! Let me know if you're interested, even if it's for parts.   John Curlie  
04/07/2004   i need a sonett parts car, I am also looking for old moosehorn manifold. please contact me if u have any info.   Taj wakefield  
01/07/2004   Hienot sivut!   Janne Lamminmäki  
25/06/2004   I am looking for an "owners manual" for a 68 or 69 SAAB Sonett II V4. I am more then willing to pay a fair secondary price for one that is in decent shape. Must be original, no photo copies. Thanks :-)   STEPHEN MURPHY  
11/06/2004   I want to buy a LHD Saab, any type consider but must be 2 door! Can swap my 2000 RHD 93SE LPT 2 door coupe. Would prefer a straight swap if possible. I am currently UK based. Any help/guidance and reasonable suggestions/offers most appreciated. Love, love, lurve my Saab. Must sell her though :(   Mimi Castiglione  
08/06/2004   Where can I buy valve housing for the gear box, and A/C parts such as: evaporator, condensser & expansion valve for Saab 95, 2.0 lit, 2002 model   Raef  
08/06/2004   Where I can buy some parts to Saab Sonet II (two strokes) year 1967   Alexandre  
08/06/2004   Where I can buy some parts to Saab Sonet II (two strokes) year 1967   Alexandre  
03/05/2004   i have 3 Saab Sonnets and have no key's for them doe's anyone no where i can get key lock switchs for these ???   Kevin Chivelle  
27/04/2004   just interested in info on the sonnet   NEALE  
26/04/2004   I have a 1966 SAAB that is 3 cilender 2 stroke. I would like to fix/sell it but don't know where to look. If you have any ideas please let me know.   Richard Schaffer  
23/04/2004   V4, 900 GLS Auto, 900i and late 99 owner. Looking for wings to re-furbish rubber bumper V4. Saab owner since 1970's   anthony bentley  
19/04/2004   I have restored my grey/ green 1966 V4 - round headlights but 4 stroke. Sadly I am under domestic pressure to part with it - 3 young girls need something more practical - usual story. Have spent £5500 on restoration through Nick Senegal in Chiswick. If interested e-mail for more deatils and pix.   marcus lee  
13/04/2004   I'm selling my 96v4, VGC please email me for more info. Devon area   John Crumpton  
13/04/2004   I´m looking for the two front turn signal lights for a Saab model 99 from 1972. Procuro os dois piscas da frente para um Saab 99 de 1972. Compro o conjunto com faróis   joão Neto  
07/04/2004   I have a 1971 LHD Saab 96 V4, in mint condition (18467 Km) and I've decided to sell it. The car is in Portugal and the asking price is 6.500 €. If there is anyone interested out there please contact me by 00351 969861 659, or Thanks and have a nice Easter.   Reinaldo Almeida  
05/04/2004   I have 95 2-stroke. Car is project and right hand drive. Seats for seven person. I will sell it.   Jukka  
29/02/2004   i will be restoring a 1962 gt 750 this year and will need all the help i can get , love those 2 strokes   BILL GULLONE  
27/02/2004   My dad needs to unfortunately get rid of our beautiful, but non-working 1969 sky blue Saab Sonett V4. we live in rochester NY. If anyone is interrested please feel free to e-mail me for more detail. Thanks   Alexis Arnold  
23/02/2004   want to buy saab sonnet   john gambell  
12/02/2004   necesito informacion o la copio del manual del saab v4 mod 96 año 1967 ha cerca del motor con sus ajustes y calibres   cristobal lloret  
24/01/2004   I'm looking for the parts for 1963 Saab 96 850cc 3cylinder 2stroke.I want to get good informations.   Junko Enjo  
21/01/2004   it is very nice,i can dream about   j.sochacki  
17/01/2004   Hi there.. Great site, respect. Saab forever!   remo  
14/01/2004   looking to buy saab 96 for project   john hayes  
22/12/2003   very nice website. Great! We have a new designd Site from Switzerland (now with Lucky-Google-English). Please come to the site and sign our guestbook. thanks david / webmaster   david  
22/12/2003   As a marketing students i am almost satisfied by the contents.   Tariq Mohiuddin Ahmed  
08/12/2003   Just to let you know about a Limited Edition Saab calendar offer I have put together featuring 2 strokes and sonnetts:-   David Dallimore  
07/12/2003   I just want to add that this site has been invaluable in the maintainence of my v4. Loads of enthusiastic contibutions in the discussion forum, a great level of knowledge and know-how provided by enthusiasts who have done it the hard way - they get their hands dirty! Thank you to all who have helped others in their quest for v4 happiness! James   James Ayres  
05/11/2003   kool kool and well kool   mad mini boy  
30/10/2003   Great site very informative, answered some of my technical queries, and thoughts on improving my 1971 96V4, particularly on exhaust system upgrade, fitting a Kenlowe fan and improving seating, many thanks to all who answered my requests, keep up the good work.   john shew  
29/10/2003   great car bought fisrt one in 1969 had them ever since   john handford  
29/10/2003   great car bought fisrt one in 1969 had them ever since   john handford  
17/10/2003   I have a friend who has 2 Sonnets for sale. They are in parts, he just has too many projects. If anyone is interested please e mail me and I will put you in contact with him.   michael  
15/10/2003   Ihave a new E-mail!   Mikael Hagström  
14/10/2003   Really love your site, and really love the V4´s!   Marcus  

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