Technical Data

This data is for the standard engine in UK Specification.

Cylinders 4, in Vee 60 degrees
Bore 90 mm
Stroke 58.86 mm
Cubic Capacity 1498 cc
Compression ratio 9.0 : 1
Max Output, net (DIN) 65 bhp at 4700 rpm
Max torque, net (DIN) 85 lb ft at 2500 rpm
Main Bearings 3
Valves overhead

Click here for a list of bolt specifications for the SAAB 96 (thanks to Genty!)

Problems / Buying Guide

Below is a list of problem areas to look out for when buying a 95 or 96 V4. The list is of the common areas that need to be looked at but you must also bear in mind the usual things for a car of this age.

Wings/Doors/Bootlid/Tailgate Check these however they are all bolt-on and can easily be replaces
Boot Area on 96 Check Suspension mounts, area under bootlid where rear wing bolts are and area below bottom of rear window. Can be very serious here.
Inner Rear Wheel Arch Check front edge and top front of this area - easily welded
Floor Check the whole floor under seats etc and particularly where the engine floor meets the main floor - If this is seperating this will ne expensive to weld
Front Valance Corners of front valance to inner wing joint - Easily welded
Fresh Air Intake box Often rot in the corners, check around windscreen and within the engine compartment
Balance Shaft Grab the bottom pulley and test for play up and down or side to side. If serious will need major overhaul (difficult and expensive to get parts), or secondhand engine.
Overheating Check for overheating if driven hard and when left idling usually due to blocked radiator - will need radiator recore
Whining noises Gearbox can whine - will eventually need rebuild
Freewheel Check freewheel operates and stays in both positions
Gear engagement If gears are difficult to engage but gearbox otherwise sounds OK will probably need some simple adjustment of the column change
Clutch Most cars suffer from judder on bringing up the clutch - if serious will need new clutch and possibly new operating arm
Brakes/Suspension etc  
Front Brakes Often knock, particularly in reverse. Can be left for some time as it sounds worse tahn it is. Reconditioned calipers will cure.
Handbrake Often weak although careful and regualr adjustment can improve dramatically
Rear Brakes Often suffer from leaking wheel cylinders - not major problem
Front suspension/Steering Check for play in front ball joints and steering track rod ends - cheap and easy to replace


Below are sheets for you to download and use for your service.

Service Sheet Page 1 Service Sheet Page 1


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